August 2007

Is it really still Wednesday???

My morning started pretty normally-I went for a run, showered, got the boys up and eating, and dressed. Then we headed out for a tour of a potential daycare facility.

Since we moved back to the Milwaukee area, my mom and my mother-in-law have been the best caregivers for my boys while I’ve been working […]

Happy Birthday Catheroo!!!

It’s my SIL’s birthday today! No need to divulge age here! I’m sad I can’t be there to celebrate with her, but I know my brother probably has something up his sleeve for her. So I’m sending my love through the blogosphere, wishing her a very happy day!

Anyone wanna run?

I just got back from my soggy morning run.* While I’m running, listening to my Workout mix on my iPod (thanks Mathy!), I think. All sorts of things go through my head. Today I was thinking about work, preschool, cars, money, and running. And I remembered that I finally will be able to run in […]

The interview

Catheroo (my SIL), has interviewed me, after she was interviewed herself. I thought, “Hey, why not?!” and told her to fire away. Here it is:

1) Did you and Andy choose Noah and Caden’s names together or did one of you win out over the other? Did you always know what you wanted to name […]

Accidents happen

This morning, things were going along swimmingly at playgroup. The boys were getting along (for the most part) with their friends, and there hadn’t been any (major) incidents, except for Noah not wanting to share a giant shovel in the sandbox. Noah had just gotten back into the sandbox, when Caden (who was already in […]

Here goes nothing!

Well, I’m finally doing this. I’ve been thinking about blogging for a few months now. I love reading my brother’s and sister-in-law’s blogs, and I decided maybe someone would be interested in reading one of mine! If anything, this is a way to keep people updated on our lives, since I’ve become terrible at […]