May 2008

Big dreams

Noah has come up with quite the list of things he plans to do in his lifetime. Here it is, in a very particular order:

1. Drive a train. “A freight train, not a passenger train. Caden will drive the passenger train. And Daddy will drive the circus train.” (I hope Andy doesn’t expect me […]

Big boy bed

We did it. We decided it’s time to get Caden out of his crib, into a big boy bed, and into Noah’s room.

Last night, Andy’s parents brought over Andy’s old bed and set it up in Noah’s room. (Andy said something about needing to “reinforce” the bed before I put bedding on it, but […]

Sweet sleeping boys

Normally, my kids are great at going to bed. I don’t mean to brag. They just are really good at going to bed. Last night was a different story.

Lately, Caden had occasionally had a hard time going to sleep. One night, he was still awake at 10:30, laying in his crib, reading a book. […]

Not a bad Sunday

I used to really hate Sunday’s. I used to say I had “Sunday Affective Disorder.” The height of my condition was during grad school, when Andy was living in Appleton and I was still in Madison, and Sunday usually meant one of us driving back home.

Since I graduated (7 years ago already!), it’s gotten […]

I’m horrible

I totally lost it. I screamed at my kids. I’m not kidding-sca-reamed! I just wanted to do one little errand, just one. That’s not asking too much, right? I told them that if they were good, I’d pick up some McDonald’s on the way home. Did it work? Nope.

We went to Michael’s to pick […]

Brewer game

We went to the Brewer game last weekend with Andy’s family. The tickets were half-price, but the food definitely wasn’t! $4 for a hot dog?!?!?!?!? It was good, but not that good! But it’s all part of the experience. The boys had a great time, except we didn’t bring one of Caden’s blankies into the […]

Overheard this morning…

Noah: Why won’t you snuggle with me? Best friends always snuggle!

Caden: No thanks.


Saj: Noah, what’s up with your nose this morning?

Noah: I’m a little snuffy.


Caden: I’m Caden. And my big brother is Noah. I love Noah!