March 2011

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It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a You Capture. I really need to get back into it. I miss it! And I need to have some fun with my camera again. I’ve got this new camera, and I’m not experimenting as much as I should. I’m just so EXHAUSTED from my early morning Boot Camp, and work, and family, and everything. Okay, here we go.

I took this shot out my bathroom window of the sunrise. We get some pretty gorgeous sunrises around here, but they’re hard to see at our house unless you’re on the second floor. I consider this technology because I used the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone (which is not used as a phone but more like an iPod Touch. I have an Android based cell phone…). Anyhoo, I really like this shot-the texture from the window screen and the dreamyness of the picture.


And here’s multi-tasking at it’s best. My laptop (reading a new post by Beth on my Google Reader), my iPhone and my HTC Desire both showing my Words With Friends games. It works so much better on my iPhone, but I’m glad to have it on my Desire so I can play anytime, and not just with Wi-Fi. Anyone out there want to play with me?


Ah, that feels better. I’ll really try to keep up a bit more! And I’ll work on getting my camera out more!

8 comments to You Capture::Technology

  • Love that first shot! Beautiful…

  • I love words with friends. Fun!

    That first picture is wonderful. I love the texture that the screen gave it.

  • love the sunrise shot! that totally counts as technology 🙂 i am going to include it in my round up of faves from this week’s you capture, it will go up at 7:00 so check it out!!

  • Love that first photo! Gorgeous.

  • Very cool shots! Loooove the first one!

  • Dan Schneck

    I’m an avid WWF & Scrabble player. I would love to play anytime. WWF name is schnutz122.

  • When iOS 5 debuted, I tweeted that it fixed just about everything that annoyed me about iOS 4. I was disappointed, however, by the lack of innovation in the update. Features like tabbed browsing, a single view for notifications, and the ability to use the volume rocker as a camera shutter button are long-standing Android features. Still, iOS 5 works well, runs smoothly, and is an overall strong update, and that’s really what’s most important.

  • Whatever the cause, during my testing the iPhone 5 definitely had problems taking a clear, sharp photo in situations that other cameraphones handled without a peep. Even previous iPhones. If the iPhone 5’s special low-light feature is indeed the culprit, I hope Apple introduces an update that causes the phone to use it a little more wisely…or at least lets the user override the low-light feature if they so desire.

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