September 2009

You Capture: The Feeling of Fall

The timing of this challenge was perfect! We headed out to The Elegant Farmer (home of the famous Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag) on Sunday to do some apple picking and pumpkin selecting. It was a gorgeous day to start, but then the wind picked up and we got rained […]

Major League fun

The other day, Andy was able to get discounted tickets to the Brewer game. Since the season is rapidly coming to a close, we decided to take the boys one last time for the 2009 season. And the seats were in “Awesomeville” as Andy put it, so we really had a great time. I’ll let […]

You Capture: Happiness

Normally, I’m a pretty happy person. I’m an optimist, I try to see the good in everyone, and I smile a lot. This week has been a tough week for me. -I worked most of the day on Saturday, missing Noah’s soccer game, during which he scored a couple of goals. -Monday […]

You Capture: Macro

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this week’s challenge. Beth is apparently feeling we are ready to get tough! I dream of having a macro lens and capturing amazing shots of inner workings of all things. I would love to be able to get shots of drops of water like this (another […]

I’m published (again!)

Today, there was an envelope in the mail that said “Payment enclosed” on the front. I don’t know of any payment that is to be coming my way. I opened it, and found a check for $50 made out to me, and in the memo line it said “Signspotting submission”.

So a few months ago […]

Caden’s first day of preschool

Today was Caden’s big day. He had his first day at his “new school.” His “new school” is Noah’s “old school” and Caden is extremely familiar with the building, the routine, and the teachers there. So his first day went swimmingly. He had a great time, but also told me he missed me! I missed […]

You Capture: Never before

I was really tempted to skip this week (again!) because Beth gave us a really difficult challenge! We were to take a picture of something we’ve never done before. It sounds simple, but it means stepping outside of our comfort zone of picture taking. I mostly take pictures of my boys, or […]

You Capture: Old Signs

I had a lot of ideas for this challenge this week. My parents have an old sign with my mom’s maiden name in Swedish that would have been perfect. I’m sure there was some way to twist the meaning of “old signs” to make it more creative. I would have loved to […]

Not even a backward glance

Second day of school, first day riding the bus to school.

(Notice the blur to the second shot here-he couldn’t get up those stairs fast enough!)

No tears from me, either! We’re both growing!


First day of school!

We made it! Noah had his first full day of kindergarten today. And he was a total rock star! I was a wreck (thank goodness big sunglasses are in style and it was sunny today!), but he was a champ! I’m really proud of him.

We made sure we were up and […]