I wanna shred!

That is, I want to have “Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred” workout DVD, and the ladies (and gentleman) over at the Sisterhood are giving away seven DVDs this week. They’re starting a 30 day shred challenge on Monday, and they want us to play! I want to challenge myself a bit, so I’m in. If I […]

Card sharks

Lately, Noah has been playing Crazy Eights with Andy pretty much every day. It started with Uno at Andy’s parents’ house, but since we don’t have Uno cards (until Easter, wink, wink), Andy and Noah play Crazy Eights. It’s quite fun, and Noah’s gotten pretty good at it.

The other night, Caden wanted to play, […]

7 Days:Day 2

I’m lazy again today, after waking up to snow and working another 5 hours and keeping up with the boys and some housework. So I’m using my 7 Days assignment as my post for today. Again, it has to be a “self-portrait” and today, it was supposed to incorporate “yellow”, however you may interpret that. […]

7 Days:Day 1

My sister-in-law, Catheroo, has participated in a photography group on Flickr called “7 Days” in the past, and I’ve been wanting to do it too. I’m so proud of myself for remembering to check on the group before this round started!

The idea behind it is to take a self-portrait every day for seven days. […]

So tired

I’m sitting here on the sofa, falling asleep as I make my way through Google Reader, catching up with the multitude of blogs I’ve started reading. I just don’t have very exciting things to say today.

This morning, we headed over to Noah’s school friend, Nathan’s, house. It was Nathan’s little sister’s 3rd birthday. Teagan […]

You Capture: Week 5-Reflection

I wasn’t so sure what to do this week. Suddenly it’s Wednesday and I want to get the picture taken so I don’t have to stress about it Thursday. Here are my entries:

Here’s my favorite: I think it looks like he’s really kissing himself, or his twin, which doesn’t exist! It’s […]

Trying some new motivation

Okay, so I’m not very pleased with my body lately. I know I’ve already talked about this lately, but it’s definitely been on my mind about 17.5 hours a day (just not when I’m sleeping). I recently ordered a book and a DVD from that is supposed to help with my diastasis. The book […]

The makings of Star Wars junkies

We’re watching The Empire Strikes Back with the boys right now. It’s raining outside, it has been all day, and we have no energy to entertain the boys with anything but the TV. So it’s “Star Wars number 5” (according to Noah) night. Noah and Caden got to watch Star Wars with my parents a […]


I just finished looking through my Google Reader, catching up on the (too) numerous blogs I’ve gotten into. I thought I may find something to inspire a blog entry today. Not so much. There are wonderful things being written on those many blogs, and I guess I feel I don’t have anything terribly interesting to […]

Betty Brinn

The other day, I took the boys to Betty Brinn where we met their friends, Maddie and Katie, and their mom (my friend), Steph. It was a little chaotic. There are tons of things to see and do, and numerous places to see and do those things. Add a couple of field trips and other […]