September 2007

Just to save a couple of bucks

My boys have never had their hair cut professionally. I used to cut Noah’s hair in a little bowl cut (no, I didn’t use an actual bowl!), until we realized how sweaty he gets and Andy convinced me to buzz his hair. So now Andy does the buzzing for Noah.


I […]

New job update

So, this past Tuesday was my last official day working for the pool. (Aside: A big plus to not working for the pool? Not having to explain that it’s a pool of therapists, not a swimming pool! Though I used to go in the pool a lot at my first job in Appleton. But I […]

Planning ahead

A few months ago, Noah let me know he wants a train party for his birthday this year (in October!). Okay, sounds good. He hasn’t changed his mind once. It’s always been trains, and it will end up being trains in a few weeks.

A few weeks ago, Noah told me that for his 6th […]

First day of school!

Well, I the boys made it through their first day of school! Noah is now officially a preschooler at Creative Preschool, and Caden is at Mother’s Day Out in the toddler room. On this rainy morning, I had to drop them off to start another chapter in their lives. Yes, that’s a little sappy, but […]

Movin’ on up


Here’s the 2005 Camry that has been my transportation for the past 3 years. About 4 months after we got it (on lease), I cracked the rear bumper trying to get out of a parallel parking spot. When I asked my father-in-law (our car guru) what to do about it, he suggested we […]