October 2022

I Heart Faces::Sun flare

The challenge this week over at I Heart Faces is “Sun Flare”. I love sun flare! And I love that I know how to capture some!

Today was a gorgeous, sunny day, though still a little chilly. Noah went to a birthday party and got a “lightsaber” bubble wand that he wanted to try […]

Snowpocalypse Part 2

After I headed to work today, braving some icky roads, arriving to find the hospital parking lot mostly empty, then heading home finding the roads much easier to navigate, I caught these pictures.


You Capture: Faces

Wow! It’s a little dusty around here! I’ll brush off this site and try to keep up a bit more with what’s been going on in our lives.

It’s easy to start with this week’s You Capture assignment which is “Faces.” Considering I take a ton of pictures of faces around here, […]

Fall fun

What a gorgeous day we had around here! I love fall days like this. The sun was warm, there was a great breeze, and I had my favorite subjects to practice on, though they were a bit reluctant at times. I still got some great shots, if I may say so myself!

Look at the […]

Apple picking

Yesterday we went apple picking with some friends. It was a cool, early fall day in Wisconsin, so it felt right to be out there. According to one of the workers, they have a smaller crop this year because of the weather, but the crop they have is a very good one. We definitely agree!


You Capture: Play

We do a lot of playing around here. All sorts of playing.

Playing cut-throat Scrabble games (that are much more difficult when you have very few vowels!)

Playing cut-throat Battleship games (under a shelter in the pouring rain!)

Playing t-ball games (with […]

You Capture: Black and White

This week, Beth wanted us to work on some processing to create some black and white shots. I used some shots from our trip to the pool last Friday to play with some Lightroom presets.

Pretty Presets: BW Sweetness

Lightroom preset: B&W Creative-Look 2

Lightroom preset: B&W Creative-Look 3


What a weekend!

We’ve been very busy this weekend. We’ve been busy having FUN! (This is a REALLY long post, so hang in there!)

We’ll start with this past Thursday night, when Andy and I headed down to Summerfest to check out O.A.R. with some friends. It was packed, but we were able to claim a section of […]

An evening at the beach

***Beware!!! Photo-heavy post ahead!***

We headed to the beach tonight for the annual city beach party. The boys were really looking forward to swimming. Then we saw this:

Um, we’ll pass on the swimming thing! The boys had a great time in the sand anyway.


You Capture: Fun

Fun is:

-finding tiny shells

-looking for the perfect skipping stone

-getting your stone to skip two or three times

-throwing rocks into the lake

-throwing more rocks into the lake

-throwing even […]