June 2008

Rainbow weather

Last Sunday (yes, I could have posted this sooner, but I’m a little lazy, and there were more important things to write about lately), was had some rain come through. It was a weird weather day, with rain, then sun, then rain while it was sunny, and you could hear thunder to the south even […]

“Home run”

These are the words the neurosurgeon used regarding Elijah’s surgery today.

Liz called me tonight to let me know that the surgery was a great success today, they got “all” of the tumor (from what they can tell), and they believe it was a papilloma, the benign form of the tumor.

So far, Elijah […]

Moving ahead

Yesterday, Elijah had a successful embolectomy to block off the main blood source to the tumor. At this moment (7:13 am central time/8:13 eastern time) Elijah is in surgery to have the tumor removed. He’s in an “MR-OR” which has an MRI machine in the operating room so they can stop, take some images, and […]

Prayers for Elijah

My dear friend, Liz (“my friend from church”), has suddenly found herself in a place no parent ever wishes to be. Physically, she’s spending the weekend at Children’s Hospital Boston. Emotionally, she’s terrified over the new diagnosis of a brain tumor in her 3 1/2-month-old son, Elijah.

The other day, she noticed Elijah’s head seemed […]

Before and after

For about 2 years now, I’ve been growing my hair to donate to Locks of Love.*** I saw Ann Curry do it on the Today show (when Katie Couric was still on it!) and decided it looked easy enough. I thought it may take 6 months to a year, so how hard could it be? […]

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

The day started out with a beautiful sunny sky, and plenty warm. We had breakfast at the Pancake House (a favorite), then went to the Brookfield Farmer’s Market, then back over to my parents’ house to play with my mom’s new Wii. Do any of you have a 60+-year-old mother who really wants a Wii?


Spoiling the kids

Noah and Caden are the only grandkids/nephews in our immediate families. Needless to say, they are often spoiled. Today is a perfect example.

My brother let me know a few days ago that there would be a package arriving soon for the boys. So sitting outside our front door when we got home was a […]

Movie marathon

Well, not a marathon in the sense that it is normally used. But for a mom with young kids, 3 movies in 4 days is my version of a marathon!*

Technically, I only saw 2 movies in 4 days, but I went to the theater 3 times in 4 days, as I saw one of […]