June 2008

Rainbow weather

Last Sunday (yes, I could have posted this sooner, but I’m a little lazy, and there were more important things to write about lately), was had some rain come through. It was a weird weather day, with rain, then sun, then rain while it was sunny, and you could hear thunder to the south even though it was sunny here.

At one point, looking out our east-facing windows, I could see that the sky was a really dark gray, whereas out our west-facing windows it was sunny. Perfect rainbow weather! I grabbed Caden and headed down our driveway then turned to look east. Sure enough, there was a rainbow! It was awesome, and if we didn’t have all the trees we do, or the houses around our house, we probably could have seen the entire arc. I kept trying to think of where we could go to find a more clear area, but it would have been a car trip to find it. So we did the best we could. It actually ended up being a double rainbow, but it was faint. Very cool.

Caden wasn’t too excited about it, and when I ran in to get Noah and Andy to come look, they weren’t all that impressed either. My kids get excited about airplanes flying over (which happens frequently since we live near 2 airports, and I think we’re in a flight pattern for Mitchell International, as well), dump trucks (which we see everywhere), UPS trucks (also everywhere), and VW Beetles (everywhere!). Rainbows (which we hardly ever see-we don’t live in Hawaii, after all!) are apparently not excitement-worthy. Oh well, I enjoyed it! And now you can too!

rainbow1 rainbow4
rainbow5 rainbow boys2

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