October 2022

You Capture: Hands

We had the choice of “hands”, “chair” or “green”. I debated doing “green” and “chair” as I started covering our kitchen table chairs with green fabric, but then I decided to go with “hands”. My boys’ hands are very busy, very much of the time.

Busy playing “Rock, paper, scissors” […]

Happy birthday, Daddy!

So although my dad’s birthday was yesterday, we had to wait until today to celebrate. Better late than never!

The boys and I headed over to my parents’ for dinner-very fancy frozen pizza! And after dinner, it was time for cake. My dad’s cake of choice is spice cake with penuche frosting. (Oh my goodness, […]

You Capture: Hopeful

WOW! This is my 400th post! Unbelievable! I don’t have any giveaway or anything. I don’t get enough readership, besides my family and friends, and they are rewarded with my love every day! 🙂

Anyway, it’s time for You Capture again. This week, the theme is “Hopeful”.

I’m hopeful that someday I […]

There’s a reason they call it “Fat Tuesday”

Yesterday, I indulged. I overindulged. I did more than overindulge. I stuffed myself. This is the second of two cupcakes I bought at work yesterday. I ate the other one in the car on the way home. I live 8 minutes away from work.

We had dinner at church last night. It was a […]

Diptych #1::Red

My wonderful sister-in-law, Catheroo, and I have embarked on this Project 365 together. It’s so nice to have someone along on the journey, and to have someone who can kick me in the ass motivate me to keep up with the challenge. And seeing as how we live 2000 miles apart, it’s fun to find […]

You Capture: Food

I wasn’t going to participate in Beth’s challenge this week. I’m not much of a cook, and I don’t often have my camera at restaurants. But then I thought of my rolls. Not around my waist! I made yummy rolls for Thanksgiving! They’re nothing special. Just frozen Rhodes dough. But soooooo tasty!


Waffle night

I’m going out to dinner tonight with some of my girlfriends from the neighborhood (two of whom have “defected” to a nearby suburb), so Andy is in charge of dinner for the boys and himself. He decided waffles would be a good idea, and then he decided to make them from scratch. So […]

7 Days: 5 and 6

Seeing as I was in full-stress mode yesterday preparing for our awesome weekend in Las Vegas, I forgot to post this cool picture I took yesterday for 7 Days. The theme was “night” so I took my chances.

That’s my finger in the bottom left corner, trying to point to the North Star. It’s […]

You Capture: Food

When I saw the challenge for this week over at I Should Be Folding Laundry was “food”, I thought about this post. Then I thought it would be cheating. So I thought about it a little bit, and decided on…blueberries.

I have been eating blueberries this summer like they’re going out of style. I’ve been […]

Too tired

Yup, that’s me. Not that today was so taxing on me. On the contrary. It was quite nice.

I went shopping a bit in the morning, came home for some lunch, took a little snooze on the sofa, baked some break-apart cookies, then headed out with the family to my friend’s parents’ lake home. Despite […]