December 2023

Joy of Love::6/28 and 7/28

The ones they love

Andy loves his boys, and his Green Bay Packers-especially after a Superbowl win!!!



Three generations of H-family men. Can you see any family resemblance?


Joy of Love::5/28

Love to hate

I love my boys so much. But I HATE the mess! We are constantly telling them to clean up the living room. Usually there are Lego pieces all over the floor, courtesy of Caden. (He likes to play with the “guys”.) Well, they’ve apparently decided that as long as the toys […]

Joy of Love::1/28 and 2/28

I’ve decided to participate in Kelly Willette’s Joy of Love photography workshop. I needed a little something to inspire me to think a little more creatively with my photography. Each day, Kelly gives us a new prompt or assignment to go out and capture, using a loved one as the subject. Needless to say, you’ll […]

Snowpocalypse Part 2

After I headed to work today, braving some icky roads, arriving to find the hospital parking lot mostly empty, then heading home finding the roads much easier to navigate, I caught these pictures.


Project 52: A new challenge

Since I just came off my Project 365 (which I wasn’t very good about including here), I’m a little short of creativity with my photography. I found some groups who are doing a Project 52-just one picture a week. Sounds doable! One group even gives a theme for each week! So here goes nothing…

This […]

You Capture: Faces

Wow! It’s a little dusty around here! I’ll brush off this site and try to keep up a bit more with what’s been going on in our lives.

It’s easy to start with this week’s You Capture assignment which is “Faces.” Considering I take a ton of pictures of faces around here, […]

Fall fun

What a gorgeous day we had around here! I love fall days like this. The sun was warm, there was a great breeze, and I had my favorite subjects to practice on, though they were a bit reluctant at times. I still got some great shots, if I may say so myself!

Look at the […]

Apple picking

Yesterday we went apple picking with some friends. It was a cool, early fall day in Wisconsin, so it felt right to be out there. According to one of the workers, they have a smaller crop this year because of the weather, but the crop they have is a very good one. We definitely agree!


Badger game with the fam!

I don’t feel like getting too wordy with this post. I’ll just say that the rain cleared out in time for us to enjoy a dry game. The weather was cool, but warmer than it was supposed to be. And despite spending most of the first quarter listening to Caden whine, we all had a […]

First day of soccer practice!

Not only was today Noah’s first day of school, but it was also the first day of soccer practice for both Noah and Caden. Caden kept wanting us to call him “first day of soccer practice boy”! I think he was feeling a little left out with Noah having his first day of school. (Caden […]