June 2010

You Capture: Hands

We had the choice of “hands”, “chair” or “green”. I debated doing “green” and “chair” as I started covering our kitchen table chairs with green fabric, but then I decided to go with “hands”. My boys’ hands are very busy, very much of the time.

Busy playing “Rock, paper, scissors” […]

An evening at the beach

***Beware!!! Photo-heavy post ahead!***

We headed to the beach tonight for the annual city beach party. The boys were really looking forward to swimming. Then we saw this:

Um, we’ll pass on the swimming thing! The boys had a great time in the sand anyway.


You Capture: Get Down Low

This was a fun challenge. Well, they’re pretty much all fun, but this one leaves so much open to interpretation.

I started with a shot of my mother-in-law’s beautiful garden. Mind you, this isn’t anywhere NEAR her entire garden. Her yard is just gorgeous. Granted, she has her summers off (she’s an […]

You Capture: Water

I had images of taking shots of the boys as they played in the sprinkler, slid along the slip-n-slide, or splashed in the pool. But our lovely Wisconsin weather had other plans. There were some cooler temperatures, a lot of clouds, and quite a bit of rain. So rain will have to […]

I Heart Faces: All About Babies

I wanted to join in on another I Heart Faces challenge, and this week it was “All About Babies”. It’s been about four years since I’ve had a baby living in my house (though Caden will always be my “baby”!) but I had the opportunity to babysit my friend’s little guy a […]

You Capture: Fun

Fun is:

-finding tiny shells

-looking for the perfect skipping stone

-getting your stone to skip two or three times

-throwing rocks into the lake

-throwing more rocks into the lake

-throwing even […]

Last Day of Kindergarten

Ah, early June. It must mean the last day of school! Unbelievably, Noah is finishing kindergarten today. He’s been so excited because his teacher said she’d call the kids kindergarteners this morning, and then after lunch she’d start calling them first graders. Cute!

What a change in such a short time!

Kindergarten Circus

Today was the performance of Noah’s Kindergarten Circus. It was such a fun production! Noah was an elephant.

There were (from left to right) ringmasters, tightrope walkers, horses, elephants, giraffes, strongmen, lions, monkeys, clowns, and a human cannonball. Yep! There really was a human cannonball!

Here are his “poses”.


You Capture: Give me your BEST shot

I wish I’d taken a bit more time this past week to really get out with my camera to focus on taking pictures, rather than grabbing it when something was going on. I wish I could do that any week! But here’s a shot of one of my shrub roses in my […]

Nine years ago…

…Andy and I said our vows and became husband and wife.

Look at Andy’s hair!

We had our reception at the Milwaukee County Zoo. This picture is in front of “monkey island”!

Here’s what my dear hubby got for me. Marble isn’t necessarily […]