October 2022

Just to toot my own horn…

So I follow a TON of blogs. Too many, I’m sure. But I’ve been following several of them for a while and I’m wrapped up in the lives of those on those blogs. I also follow a lot of photography-based blogs, hoping for some information, guidance, education as I try to improve my photography.

Many […]

100 Year Storm

Or as we call it around here, Thursday. We’ve had crazy rain storms around here this summer. Up until yesterday, the storms seemed to happen at night only, making for a great summer. But yesterday, the rain started around 8:00 in the morning, and didn’t stop until early this morning. There was a bit of […]

Last day of preschool

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of May! The end of May means the end of preschool for the year. Even though Caden will be going to the “extension program” for the next two weeks, today was his official last day with his regular class.

Look at how he’s changed!



I’m just wondering what sources were used in determining this letter should come to my house?

I don’t remember giving birth to any daughters…

The Tooth Fairy is officially broke!

She has to make a stop at my cousin’s house this time to deliver yet another stack of quarters for yet another tooth of Noah’s!

Noah’s tooth had been wiggly for a bit, but really got a lot more wiggly today when he bumped it with his knee (don’t ask me how he managed to […]

The tooth fairy is going to be broke

Yup, Noah lost yet another tooth* tonight! That would be three teeth in eight days.

The tooth fairy may need to take out a loan.

*Turns out it was pushed out by the middle left tooth (you can see the new tooth in the picture if you look closely). He’s going to […]

A rough day at the park

To the parents of the little boy (who was with his grandfather) who threw a ROCK at Noah’s HEAD today at the park: maybe some socialization and EMPATHY skills are in order. Kid, when we’re talking about taking Noah to urgent care to get it checked out, no, we’re probably NOT going […]

You Capture: Reaching

I slacked last week and didn’t participate in Beth’s challenge to capture quiet. I was exhausted living a single parent’s life while Andy was in Ireland. I just didn’t have it in me to work on my blog. But I’m back, and I had a good time coming up with shots for […]

There’s a reason they call it “Fat Tuesday”

Yesterday, I indulged. I overindulged. I did more than overindulge. I stuffed myself. This is the second of two cupcakes I bought at work yesterday. I ate the other one in the car on the way home. I live 8 minutes away from work.

We had dinner at church last night. It was a […]

Ode to 2009

We’ve had quite a year, a year so fine.

Let’s review what’s happened for the Hoffman’s in 2009!

The year started with visiting the art museum and Domes.

Noah lost his first tooth and the tooth fairy visited our home.

In February we drove to […]