December 2023

Joy of Love::1/28 and 2/28

I’ve decided to participate in Kelly Willette’s Joy of Love photography workshop. I needed a little something to inspire me to think a little more creatively with my photography. Each day, Kelly gives us a new prompt or assignment to go out and capture, using a loved one as the subject. Needless to say, you’ll […]

Here goes nothing!

I’ve set a pretty lofty goal for myself for 2010. I really want to take it up a notch with my photography. I want to improve my eye, my skill, and my creativity. I’ve heard that one of the best ways to improve in photography is to just take pictures. So that’s what I’m going […]

Quite a ‘do

Or maybe he needs a haircut.

Yup. Haircut.

Waffle night

I’m going out to dinner tonight with some of my girlfriends from the neighborhood (two of whom have “defected” to a nearby suburb), so Andy is in charge of dinner for the boys and himself. He decided waffles would be a good idea, and then he decided to make them from scratch. So […]

Hanging on

This was the temperature today:

Keep in mind that I live in southeastern Wisconsin, and it’s November 8.

N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R 8!

We’re hanging on. Just like these apples.

Just like these […]


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go with Noah on his field trip to the pumpkin farm. I took pictures of the kids: petting a snake (ick!), feeding the goats (ick!) and playing in the loose hay (fun!). But I also took pictures of pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins.


You Capture: Free Choice

This week was a free choice for photo subject over at Beth’s You Capture site. We were lucky enough to get a pass for a behind-the-scenes tour at the zoo again this year, so I’m going to share photos from our tour this past Sunday.

I love the flamingos. I also love […]

The holidays are coming

Now that Halloween is over, apparently it’s time to get all things Christmas out on the shelves in stores: Christmas candy at the grocery store, Christmas trees, wrapping paper and ornaments at Target. The Christmas music will probably start shortly on the radio.

It also means that it’s time for the influx of catalogs. I’m […]

Who knew…

…that Obi Wan Kenobi rides a three-wheeled scooter wearing a red fire engine helmet, pulling tricks?

And he also likes to play street hockey on our driveway with Andy and a hockey stick that’s way too long for him?

(Like […]

Trick or Treat

It was a big weekend around here. It’s Teacher’s Convention, so Noah had Thursday and Friday off. Caden had Friday off. Noah’s birthday was on Thursday, when we had his birthday party. We had our families over on Friday to celebrate. Then Saturday was Halloween.

Seeing as Halloween falls 8 days after my birthday […]