December 2009

Our Christmas Day

Well, there’s no You Capture this week, but I made up this post anyway. It’s about our Christmas celebrations on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

On Christmas Eve, the boys laid out the cookies, coffee cake, carrots, and cheese (for Santa Mouse), along with a letter to Santa explaining that the cheese was for Santa Mouse.


Long time no see!

We’ve been a little busy around here, as I’m sure many of you are, too. We had a great Christmas weekend, then I had to work for a couple of days, then the boys and I joined the throngs of other parents and kids looking for a place to play in the midst of our […]

Ode to 2009

We’ve had quite a year, a year so fine.

Let’s review what’s happened for the Hoffman’s in 2009!

The year started with visiting the art museum and Domes.

Noah lost his first tooth and the tooth fairy visited our home.

In February we drove to […]

7 Days::1-Obnoxious scrubs!

It’s time for the winter 2009 edition of 7 Days, so here’s my first entry.

I had to work today, and I had to take advantage of the time of year to wear my Santa/snowman scrub top. Yes, it’s quite obnoxious, but aren’t all scrub tops? They’re comfy, they have big pockets, and […]

Another giveaway!

I’m not giving anything away. I don’t have enough readership for that. I’d just end up giving it to a family member, I’m sure!

No, MckMama is hosting an AWESOME giveaway at her blog. She’s giving away Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. I sooooo want this! And seeing as I’ve had a pretty lucky year (see […]

You Capture: Holiday Decor

I liked the challenge presented to us by Beth this week, but I wish I’d worked on it before tonight! But I love decorating for Christmas. It helps to have Mr. Christmas living in our house-Andy loves this time of year. So we have a good time decorating.

Here are some of […]

You Capture: Lines

I admit, I’ve been a little wrapped up in Caden’s birthday, today’s snow day for Noah, and Christmas preparations that I didn’t get a chance to go out and take any pictures of lines this week. Yes, I’m admitting I cheated on Beth’s assignment this week. But I like these lines nonetheless!



My baby is four. How did this happen? I swear we just brought him home from the hospital! Here he was then:

Santa even came to the hospital! (Please ignore my double-chin in this shot. Having a 10+ pound baby will do that to you!)

Here’s Caden today:

It has been a […]

I Heart Faces: Sweet Dreams

I’m going to give this another shot. I love this picture of Caden sleeping. His hair is awesome! And thanks to the fun on Picnik through my Flickr account, I was able to do some fun processing to the picture. Isn’t it dreamy?

You can see more here.


Advent Activities-Day 3

I read an article in a magazine about a family that comes up with holiday-related activities for days leading up to Christmas, starting on December 1. They put them in pockets on their hanging Advent calendar. I thought it sounded really fun. I love the idea of starting a tradition like this in our family. […]