October 2022


It’s a snow day around here. The boys are home from school. Andy’s home from work. And I’m waiting for my street to get plowed out so I can try to get to work. Because, you know, physical therapists are crucial for the patients at the hospital. That sentence is dripping with sarcasm.

Anyway, while […]

Project 52::Shades of Gray

It seems we see a lot of gray around here during January. I find it a bit more acceptable when there’s snow on the ground. But I was happy to see the sun this afternoon. As we brace for wind chills as low as 25 below zero tonight, I’m glad I had the chance to […]

You Capture::Circles

My new-to-me (read: refurbished) Nikon D90 finally arrived last Saturday! I haven’t had a ton of chances to play with it yet. But during the limited amount of time we’ve spent together, it’s very clear that it’s a match made in heaven! I’m so loving having auto-focus on my 50mm 1.8! I keep forgetting it’s […]

You Capture: Orange

This is the best time of year to have this theme for our weekly challenge! I’m sure that’s what Beth was thinking!

(This one was taken last week Sunday, before Beth gave us this challenge, but I had to include it!)

I’m sure there will be a […]

You Capture: Faces

Wow! It’s a little dusty around here! I’ll brush off this site and try to keep up a bit more with what’s been going on in our lives.

It’s easy to start with this week’s You Capture assignment which is “Faces.” Considering I take a ton of pictures of faces around here, […]

You Capture: Flowers

At this time of year in southeastern Wisconsin, the flowers are dwindling. But I found some that are hanging on, hanging on for dear life, to the wonderful summer that is now past, hoping to be able to stick around for some of fall, which is now upon us.

My mom has […]

100 Year Storm

Or as we call it around here, Thursday. We’ve had crazy rain storms around here this summer. Up until yesterday, the storms seemed to happen at night only, making for a great summer. But yesterday, the rain started around 8:00 in the morning, and didn’t stop until early this morning. There was a bit of […]

Getting squirrely!

We have a white squirrel that hangs out in our yard pretty often. I kept talking about it like it was male. “Oh, he’s back!” “Look at how cool he is!”

Well, after what I observed, I think I should be talking about how cool she is! (All of these pictures were taken through my […]

Making the most of summer

We’re trying to get as much out of summer as we can. Summer doesn’t last too long around here, and winter lasts WAY too long, so you want to soak up as much outdoor time as possible. (It’s not like it’s so cold in the winter that you can’t be outside, but it’s too cold […]

You Capture: Water

I had images of taking shots of the boys as they played in the sprinkler, slid along the slip-n-slide, or splashed in the pool. But our lovely Wisconsin weather had other plans. There were some cooler temperatures, a lot of clouds, and quite a bit of rain. So rain will have to […]