July 2010

Making the most of summer

We’re trying to get as much out of summer as we can. Summer doesn’t last too long around here, and winter lasts WAY too long, so you want to soak up as much outdoor time as possible. (It’s not like it’s so cold in the winter that you can’t be outside, but it’s too cold for me to want to be outside more than necessary!)

The humidity finally broke, so tonight we headed to the mini-golf course, driving range, and then off to get some frozen custard.

Noah was chillin’ in the car on the way there, jamming to “Jump Around” on the radio.
Ridin' in the car

Watch out for the (very fake-looking) alligator!
Watch out for the alligator!

Caden finishes every hole like this, since he saw the pros doing it on TV.
Just like the pros

Noah got a hole in one, and was pretty psyched about it!
Hole in one! Hole in one celebration
First hole in one!

My boys mini-golfing Yahoo!

Time to hit the driving range!
Heading to the range Driving range Driving range

I even found some beauty at the mini-golf course and driving range! I really love July in Wisconsin!
Weeds at the driving range Pretty driving range!

Then it was time to head out for some chocolate (Caden) and cookie dough (Andy, Noah, and me) custard at Kopps! Caden didn’t get much farther with his ice cream. He’s really not a big fan!
Chocolate custard Custard at Kopps

The boys did some jumping (holding hands-so cute!).

And I loved the light while Andy was driving us home.
Love the light-and the guy!

I want nights like this all the time! This weekend, we need some outdoor play, some pool time, and some burgers on the grill! Here’s hoping!

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