October 2022

Project 52::Soothing Repetition

When running, there’s a time that you can zone out, focus on your breathing, listen to your feet hit the pavement, and get wrapped up in the cadence of your run.

If I could capture that moment, I would. Instead, I shot this image of Andy running on the treadmill. There’s a sort of comfort […]

You Capture: Mornings

I’m a bit of a morning person. Okay, not just a bit. I’m a full-fledged morning person. I’m also an optimist for the most part, and somewhat of a cheerleader at work with my patients. It’s kind of, ahem, disgusting.

Anyhoo, my mornings usually start with a view of the first bits […]

You Capture: Feet

Oh, I love feet!*** That may make me weird. I know feet gross out a lot of people. Not me! I spent the fall of 1997 taping ankles of sweaty Badger football players. That’s a lot of stinky feet!

But I really love my boys’ feet. They’re so cute! I had a […]

7 Days:3 Running

I really try my best to get my booty out of bed in the morning to go running. It’s much harder at this time of year as it’s still dark for about half of my run. So here’s how I dress for a run around my neighborhood at o’dark thirty.

This was […]


Okay, I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 30+ years and I should be used to the crazy weather we can have around here. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. And I’m not really liking the weather today.

This past weekend was the beginning of the cold stretch we’re in. We sat in it for […]

Running for a cause

This morning, my friend, Steph, and I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We did the untimed 5K, so there wasn’t any pressure. We started on the Summerfest grounds and ran to Veterans Park along the lakefront. It was a cool morning, and overcast, but it was perfect for running. The time […]