June 2009

Just stopping by

Needless to say, I have other things on my mind lately, so blogging has been on the back burner. Taking pictures has also been neglected, as well.

But the other day, I picked up the boys early in the morning from my parents’ house (after a sleepover while Andy and I were warming our […]

You Capture: Nature

Our assignment from Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry this week was “nature”. Quite a bit easier than “feel”!

I was practicing my sun flare for this shot. I love my lilac bush right now-it smells AWESOME! And it’s right below our bedroom window so our room smells really nice! […]

Star Wars

The other day at our library, it was “Star Wars” day. They brought in members of the Star Wars 501st Legion-Midwest Garrison for a meet and greet and photo ops. The boys were pretty excited, and brought their new light sabers. Caden was really ready!

Enjoy the photos!

They even got […]

You Capture: Feel

Thursday again. You Capture again. I was wrong about the assignment again.

I thought the assignment was “fun”. Nope. It’s “feel”. Luckily, I looked through some of my shots from the past week, and realized I’ve got some great “feel” shots. That may not be exactly following the rules, but, oh well. […]

8 Years!

Today is my anniversary. Yep, I got married 8 years ago to my crazy, wonderful, loving husband. We’ve known each other for closer to 23 years, having met in the 3rd grade! We were high school sweethearts, with a couple of breaks during college. But we pulled through, and now we have a great life […]