February 2008

True dat!

I was at Baby Gap yesterday, and they have these new onesies that have astrological signs on them with descriptions. Here are the ones for the boys:

Noah-Scorpio Oct. 24-Nov. 22 (I hate not being a Scorpio on certain charts!)

I’m wise beyond my years. I will be a leader. Love to win. Magnetic, intense, […]

Welcome, little Elijah!

My good friend, Liz, is a mommy for the third time! I actually called her this morning because I was thinking about her, not realizing that she was getting prepped for a second external version (that silly baby was butt down!), with the potential for a c-section. She didn’t answer, and I was a little […]

The Lion King

Last Wednesday night, we finally made it to the Lion King. It was freezing, but we made it!

We found a great parking spot across the street and were there in plenty of time to pick up our will-call tickets, grab a booster seat for Noah (cool, huh?), hit the bathroom for one more potty […]


My parents now have a one-eyed dog.

No, they didn’t get a new dog. Callie is still around. She just has one eye now.

Over the past few months, we’ve been noticing her left eye has been looking cloudy. It truly just looked like cataracts. She is 13, after all. My mom would mention […]


-that’s how I’d describe this winter. February always feels like the longest month to me, since it’s just winter, snow, slush…crap. Andy’s outside shoveling right now for about the 50th time this winter! (I very rarely shovel-not my thing!) When will it end???!!!


It’s time to accept the snow that has blanketed our lovely area. There’s almost 2 feet of snow on the ground, and we’re supposed to get some more tomorrow. This snow is here to stay for a while. Probably until May. Ugh.

So Andy and I decided to bundle up the boys and head to […]

Setting an example

While we were waiting for our table last night at TGIFriday’s, a little boy (younger than Caden) walked up to Noah. Noah was wearing a sweatshirt with a soccer ball on it. It looked like the boy was going to reach for the ball, but instead he hit Noah! The boy’s mother was right there, […]

Snow fun

Well, I think we’ve weathered the worst of it, but it’s still coming down.

We were in the process of deciding whether to brave the roads to get downtown to the Lion King when we were notified that it was canceled. Yipeeeee! Because Andy had already decided he didn’t want Noah going out in a […]

I. HATE. ____ (enter appropriate weather-related word here).

Today, I fill in the blank with “snow”. Last week, I would have filled in the blank with “cold”. I could also add the word “wind” to either day. In about six months, I’ll be using the word “humidity”-but actually humidity works wonders on my hair! Anyway, I can pretty much find anything to complain […]


Okay, here’s a link to some pictures that I finally got uploaded to Snapfish. Enjoy!