October 2022

Badger game with the fam!

I don’t feel like getting too wordy with this post. I’ll just say that the rain cleared out in time for us to enjoy a dry game. The weather was cool, but warmer than it was supposed to be. And despite spending most of the first quarter listening to Caden whine, we all had a […]

First day of soccer practice!

Not only was today Noah’s first day of school, but it was also the first day of soccer practice for both Noah and Caden. Caden kept wanting us to call him “first day of soccer practice boy”! I think he was feeling a little left out with Noah having his first day of school. (Caden […]

Fun at the Brewer game

We took advantage of the 5-Day, 5-County Celebration to get half-price tickets and landed ourselves in the ninth row down the left field foul line. They were pretty great seats, but it was hard for the boys to see from that low. We still managed to have a good time (despite a pretty bad loss […]


Over at I Heart Faces, the photo challenge for this week is “smiles”. We do a lot of smiling around here, so it was harder to choose a picture to use rather than actually finding one.

But I caught a great shot of Noah during his soccer game the other day. I […]

Go Big Red!

Today the Wisconsin Badgers played the Michigan Wolverines, and won! the final score was 45-24. It was a great game for me, seeing as it’s the first, and only, game I’ll go to this year. Andy and I took his sister, Lis, and our friend, Doug. We usually park at the same place for every […]

Our little sports explorer

Today was the last day of Caden’s summer sports program called “Little Sports Explorer”. Each week they tried a new sport. They did soccer (which he missed while we were on vacation), t-ball, hockey, kickball, another one he missed (because of vacation bible school), and today, track and field. Seriously! It was really […]

You Capture: Friends

Friends. We’ve been with friends in the past week. I just didn’t take any pictures. I really didn’t take too many pictures at all lately. I don’t know why. Whatever.

So I went through some of our activities from the summer, and decided to include a few from […]

The making of a soccer mom

I’ve found my calling. I’m totally a soccer mom, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Tonight, Noah had his first session of “Futbolito” at the local indoor soccer park. We signed up late last week, so it was sort of last-minute. But to a 5-year-old, with nothing else on the agenda but sleep, eat, […]