December 2023

Noah the Leprechaun

Noah wrote a story at school, and it’s too great not to share it. I’m writing it verbatim, spelling and all.

“Noah liked to be a leprechaun, but there was one probloem, he didn’t know he was a leprechaun! Then he recagnized something, well…that looked like gold! Gold! he screamed! It’s here! It was sent […]

Snowpocalypse Part 2

After I headed to work today, braving some icky roads, arriving to find the hospital parking lot mostly empty, then heading home finding the roads much easier to navigate, I caught these pictures.


Fall fun

What a gorgeous day we had around here! I love fall days like this. The sun was warm, there was a great breeze, and I had my favorite subjects to practice on, though they were a bit reluctant at times. I still got some great shots, if I may say so myself!

Look at the […]

Just to toot my own horn…

So I follow a TON of blogs. Too many, I’m sure. But I’ve been following several of them for a while and I’m wrapped up in the lives of those on those blogs. I also follow a lot of photography-based blogs, hoping for some information, guidance, education as I try to improve my photography.

Many […]

Badger game with the fam!

I don’t feel like getting too wordy with this post. I’ll just say that the rain cleared out in time for us to enjoy a dry game. The weather was cool, but warmer than it was supposed to be. And despite spending most of the first quarter listening to Caden whine, we all had a […]

First Day of 4-Year-Old Preschool

Today was Caden’s big day. He started his second year of preschool. Ever since Noah started last week, he’s been waiting for his chance to go to school. I’m pretty sure the main reason was so he could be with his best buddy Van, but I’d like to think he actually likes the actual school […]

First day of soccer practice!

Not only was today Noah’s first day of school, but it was also the first day of soccer practice for both Noah and Caden. Caden kept wanting us to call him “first day of soccer practice boy”! I think he was feeling a little left out with Noah having his first day of school. (Caden […]

First day of First Grade!

Noah is officially a first-grader now! He was so excited to go to school this morning.

We sent him on the bus, and then Caden and I met him at school to help get him settled in his classroom. He looked a little tentative at his spot at […]

Getting squirrely!

We have a white squirrel that hangs out in our yard pretty often. I kept talking about it like it was male. “Oh, he’s back!” “Look at how cool he is!”

Well, after what I observed, I think I should be talking about how cool she is! (All of these pictures were taken through my […]

Star Wars in Concert

We’re a bunch of “Star Wars” geeks around here. It’s kind of hard not being a “Star Wars” fan with two little boys in the house! Not to mention Andy’s love of the series, too! So we jumped at the chance to go see “Star Wars in Concert” which is a concert with a full […]