July 2010

Star Wars in Concert

We’re a bunch of “Star Wars” geeks around here. It’s kind of hard not being a “Star Wars” fan with two little boys in the house! Not to mention Andy’s love of the series, too! So we jumped at the chance to go see “Star Wars in Concert” which is a concert with a full orchestra performing music from the movies while showing clips of the movies on a large screen behind that orchestra. It was narrated by Anthony Daniels who played C3PO in the movies (the only character to appear in all six movies! I didn’t know that until I read a review of the show, I promise!)

Here are pictures from our evening:

Boys-Zoolander pose Boys-big smiles

Before the show, they had costumes and backdrops displayed, as well as people dressed up as different characters.
My guys Boys with Death Star
Boys running with Battle Droids DSC_9252.jpg
Ewok costumes The guys on Endor
C3PO costume Boys with R2-D2
DSC_9271.jpg Boba Fett
Yoda costume The Emperor

The show was pretty amazing!
Caden and Mom @ Star Wars concert Noah and Mom @ Star Wars Concert
Caden, Nana and Bapa @ Star Wars concert
Star Wars concert1 Star Wars concert2
Star Wars concert3 Star Wars concert4

What a cool experience!

1 comment to Star Wars in Concert

  • AC

    Would have gone to that one! Looks like it was great fun. Sorta nosebleed seats? Your mom, me and your grandparents once saw frank sinatra from the last row of the dane county colliseum.
    looks like the images were plenty big to see/enjoy.
    miss you all!