February 2011

Joy of Love::6/28 and 7/28

The ones they love

Andy loves his boys, and his Green Bay Packers-especially after a Superbowl win!!!



Three generations of H-family men. Can you see any family resemblance?


Joy of Love::5/28

Love to hate

I love my boys so much. But I HATE the mess! We are constantly telling them to clean up the living room. Usually there are Lego pieces all over the floor, courtesy of Caden. (He likes to play with the “guys”.) Well, they’ve apparently decided that as long as the toys […]

Joy of Love::4/28

What they wear

At Andy’s company, they wear “blues”. Everyone wears a navy blue top and blue pants. (Andy’s got a few polos of different colors, but these are from special projects he works on from time to time.) Their tops are embroidered with the company logo with […]

Joy of Love::3/28

Then and now.

Yes, we were high school sweethearts. Yes, that’s our prom picture. Yes, Andy had long hair in high school. Yes, he had hair at all!

You Capture::Red

This should have been an easy assignment. We are red people around here. We have a red wall in our living room. We have tons of red clothing seeing as we’re Badger fans. But I’ve taken pictures of a lot of that stuff before.

I figured I’d show off my latest sewing […]

Joy of Love::1/28 and 2/28

I’ve decided to participate in Kelly Willette’s Joy of Love photography workshop. I needed a little something to inspire me to think a little more creatively with my photography. Each day, Kelly gives us a new prompt or assignment to go out and capture, using a loved one as the subject. Needless to say, you’ll […]

Snowpocalypse Part 2

After I headed to work today, braving some icky roads, arriving to find the hospital parking lot mostly empty, then heading home finding the roads much easier to navigate, I caught these pictures.



It’s a snow day around here. The boys are home from school. Andy’s home from work. And I’m waiting for my street to get plowed out so I can try to get to work. Because, you know, physical therapists are crucial for the patients at the hospital. That sentence is dripping with sarcasm.

Anyway, while […]