February 2010

February Zoo Fun

Noah has Thursday and Friday off this week. This morning, the boys had dentist appointments. Both did wonderfully, and we found out Noah currently has SIX loose teeth! Two are quite obvious, but the other four not so much. I’m hoping once he loses the two top front teeth (the most loose), they start to […]

You Capture: Shapes

I didn’t want to go with anything too traditional when it came to shapes for Beth’s challenge this week. Of course, I waited until today to figure this out, so I was kind of limited in my options, seeing as I was volunteering at Noah’s school this morning, running Caden to the […]

Diptych #7::Violet

It’s a day late, but it’s Catheroo‘s fault for not getting me the code for her picture! 🙂

Speaking of her picture, for our final color of the rainbow, she used the purple collar of her new “baby”, Penny. (Side note: One of Catheroo’s cats is named Desmond. Anyone get the connection? You need to […]

Ready to fumigate

So Caden has been sick off and on since last Thursday. He seemed to recover okay on Friday. And he was acting normally all weekend. But I didn’t get to spend that much time watching him eat over the weekend since I was working. He often doesn’t eat all that well for dinner, depending on […]

Another sick kid

It’s Caden’s turn this time. He seemed perfectly fine to me this morning. Got up, came downstairs, ate breakfast, ran around crazy with Noah upstairs, watched TV while I showered (yes, I let the TV babysit my kids, so sue me!), just having a chill out morning. My mom called to say she’s home sick […]

You Capture: Kisses

It was a fitting theme over at You Capture this week. It was kisses. It’s a challenge to get a self-portrait of a kiss, but I have a couple. Not really my best effort, but I think they’re cute.

And I think I used this next […]

There’s a reason they call it “Fat Tuesday”

Yesterday, I indulged. I overindulged. I did more than overindulge. I stuffed myself. This is the second of two cupcakes I bought at work yesterday. I ate the other one in the car on the way home. I live 8 minutes away from work.

We had dinner at church last night. It was a […]

Diptych #6::Indigo

This was a tough one. What’s the difference between indigo and blue??? I took the easy way out.

Turns out, so did Catheroo! Although she managed to find some actual indigo.

Next week: violet. Easy for Catheroo, as it’s her favorite color. I may have to dig in my dad’s closet, he being […]

Wanna see the new color of my bathroom?

Yeah, it’s that bluish color that’s streaked through my hair. Let’s just say that it wasn’t so smart of me to lean that close to the wall when it was still wet. Why was I leaning that close to the wall with the top of my head, you ask? That would be […]

You Capture: Work

The topic for this week’s You Capture was the suggestion of one of Beth’s readers. I wasn’t thrilled by the idea at first, as I only worked one day since last week, and there are pretty significant laws about patient privacy in hospitals (like I would really take pictures of my patients!) […]