March 2008

We’ll be up and running soon!

Last week, Andy was just starting to run on the treadmill (in our bedroom) when I heard this horrible squeaking sound with each step he took. We use noise-reduction headphones while we’re on the treadmill, so he couldn’t hear it. I stopped him so he could hear it. Then he continued to run.

After he […]

Happy Easter!

We’ve just gotten back from my in-laws’ house after eating a delicious lunch of ham, potatoes, broccoli, rolls, strawberries, apple slab (much tastier than it sounds), and eclair torte (so yummy!). We then laid around all afternoon, watched golf and NCAA basketball (I had Georgetown playing Wisconsin in the Sweet 16, but I’m much happier […]

I’m moving to Florida…

…or California, Arizona, Mexico, or the Virgin Islands. Anywhere but crappy Wisconsin.

The following pictures were taken 8 days apart. I took the first picture so I could keep track of the buds and leaves as the spring progresses. The second is to show the contrast of that wonderful day compared to today.


The calm before the storm

Today is the first day of spring. Here in Wisconsin, that often doesn’t mean much. We usually still have snow on the ground, and this year is no exception. But today was a gorgeous, sunny day. It was still plenty chilly, only getting to about 40 degrees or so, but the sun was shining and […]

Highlights of the week

Some of the fun/good/happy things that happened this week:

Caden’s buddy, Emily, and her little sister, Sarah, came to visit with their mom, my friend, Lisa. Our bug service came to ensure I don’t have to deal with any creepy-crawlies for the next few months (besides the ladybugs that are making their way into my […]

Choices, choices…

Andy and I just got back from a Milwaukee Admirals game. It was a Quad/Tech thing-sort of a “last hurrah” for Andy as this was his last day as a manufacturing engineer before starting Monday as the Outsourcing Coordinator. One of his co-workers is pretty miffed that Andy took this new position, but Andy didn’t […]

Morning visitors

I looked out my patio door this morning to find these 5 creatures laying in the yard:

I wish I had a nice zoom lens for my camera! (Hint, hint!)


Places I’d rather not take my kids:

The grocery store: They insist on riding in the cart with a truck cab in front, which is very difficult to steer, and greatly decreases the amount of room in the cart for our groceries. And now they’re getting bigger so they don’t fit as well in there together. The mall: At each mall […]

I blew it x 2

Yep, I forgot to blog on Sunday. If I’d had that extra hour we lost because of daylight savings time, I would have been able to do it! Nah, that’s just a lame excuse. Oh well. Since I’d already forgotten on Sunday, I got extra lazy yesterday and decided to skip blogging again. That was […]

Quad Full Throttle

Andy and I just got back from the annual Quad/Graphics “winter party.” No kids, just adults, free food, free booze, live music, pool, darts, and other random games. They set it all up in one of the warehouses in Sussex. The highlight of the evening is the “State of the Company” address by the president, […]