September 2023

Joy of Love::6/28 and 7/28

The ones they love

Andy loves his boys, and his Green Bay Packers-especially after a Superbowl win!!!



Three generations of H-family men. Can you see any family resemblance?


Joy of Love::4/28

What they wear

At Andy’s company, they wear “blues”. Everyone wears a navy blue top and blue pants. (Andy’s got a few polos of different colors, but these are from special projects he works on from time to time.) Their tops are embroidered with the company logo with […]

Joy of Love::3/28

Then and now.

Yes, we were high school sweethearts. Yes, that’s our prom picture. Yes, Andy had long hair in high school. Yes, he had hair at all!

Badger game with the fam!

I don’t feel like getting too wordy with this post. I’ll just say that the rain cleared out in time for us to enjoy a dry game. The weather was cool, but warmer than it was supposed to be. And despite spending most of the first quarter listening to Caden whine, we all had a […]

I Heart Faces: Got To Wear Shades

As soon as I saw this week’s challenge at I Heart Faces, I knew I had a picture I wanted to submit.

Go check out other entries here.

Star Wars in Concert

We’re a bunch of “Star Wars” geeks around here. It’s kind of hard not being a “Star Wars” fan with two little boys in the house! Not to mention Andy’s love of the series, too! So we jumped at the chance to go see “Star Wars in Concert” which is a concert with a full […]

Making the most of summer

We’re trying to get as much out of summer as we can. Summer doesn’t last too long around here, and winter lasts WAY too long, so you want to soak up as much outdoor time as possible. (It’s not like it’s so cold in the winter that you can’t be outside, but it’s too cold […]

What a weekend!

We’ve been very busy this weekend. We’ve been busy having FUN! (This is a REALLY long post, so hang in there!)

We’ll start with this past Thursday night, when Andy and I headed down to Summerfest to check out O.A.R. with some friends. It was packed, but we were able to claim a section of […]

An evening at the beach

***Beware!!! Photo-heavy post ahead!***

We headed to the beach tonight for the annual city beach party. The boys were really looking forward to swimming. Then we saw this:

Um, we’ll pass on the swimming thing! The boys had a great time in the sand anyway.


Nine years ago…

…Andy and I said our vows and became husband and wife.

Look at Andy’s hair!

We had our reception at the Milwaukee County Zoo. This picture is in front of “monkey island”!

Here’s what my dear hubby got for me. Marble isn’t necessarily […]