October 2022

From Lying Down

It’s “Team-up Thursday” (or diptych) time again! The theme was “FROM LYING DOWN” and it was a fun challenge.

First, Catheroo’s shot:


And mine:

No, I didn’t set the cars up. That was all Caden’s doing.

We’re linked up over at Mental Inventory, so go check out more teams!


Team-Up Thursday: Color/Colorful

Since we’ve discovered Mental Inventory, Catheroo and I have joined in on their fun Team-Up project. It’s nice to have options for themes! They’re hard to come up with!

Anyway, this week they chose COLOR as their theme, and Catheroo and I decided to use COLOR/COLORFUL for our theme. Here’s Catheroo’s shot:


Tuesday Diptych::Book

After missing the diptych last week (I’m blaming the altitude while on my trip to Denver!), we’re back with our assignment for this week. It’s “book”. We’re “borrowing” ideas from Mental Inventory where she and a friend do “Team-Up Thursday”. We’re going to stay with Tuesdays for our posts, but you guys don’t really care […]


“Daylight” was a great choice of Catheroo‘s for this week’s diptych. We had tons of daylight last week, then went through a few days of fog and overcast skies. Today, the sun came out again. And now with daylight savings time, we’re able to enjoy the daylight even longer!

First, here’s Catheroo’s shot for today. […]

Diptych Tuesday::Shapes

I was in charge of coming up with our theme this week, and Catheroo had to remind me at about 3:15 yesterday afternoon! I had some inspiration from Caden’s art project at school, though.

First, here’s Catheroo’s shot of shapes. I think I remember these things floating around the house when I was little and […]

Diptych #8::Adorable

Since we’ve made our way through the rainbow, we’re on to new themes. This week, Catheroo chose “adorable” since it was the last thing I texted to her. Of course, I was talking about her sweet Penny!

We keep taking shots of similar things. Weird!

Catheroo chose to photograph her hubby, my brother, because she […]

Diptych #7::Violet

It’s a day late, but it’s Catheroo‘s fault for not getting me the code for her picture! 🙂

Speaking of her picture, for our final color of the rainbow, she used the purple collar of her new “baby”, Penny. (Side note: One of Catheroo’s cats is named Desmond. Anyone get the connection? You need to […]

Diptych #6::Indigo

This was a tough one. What’s the difference between indigo and blue??? I took the easy way out.

Turns out, so did Catheroo! Although she managed to find some actual indigo.

Next week: violet. Easy for Catheroo, as it’s her favorite color. I may have to dig in my dad’s closet, he being […]

Diptych #5::Blue

Here are some blues from Catheroo and myself.

First, Catheroo shows some love for the Brew Crew.

And I took a shot of Caden in his new, now favorite, t-shirt. His great blue eyes count too!

We’ll be exploring indigo next week. How do I differentiate indigo from blue???


Diptych #4: Green

It’s not easy being green.

But Catheroo‘s perfume bottle pulls it off wonderfully!

Stay tuned for week #5: blue.