September 2023

Joy of Love::5/28

Love to hate

I love my boys so much. But I HATE the mess! We are constantly telling them to clean up the living room. Usually there are Lego pieces all over the floor, courtesy of Caden. (He likes to play with the “guys”.) Well, they’ve apparently decided that as long as the toys […]

100 Year Storm

Or as we call it around here, Thursday. We’ve had crazy rain storms around here this summer. Up until yesterday, the storms seemed to happen at night only, making for a great summer. But yesterday, the rain started around 8:00 in the morning, and didn’t stop until early this morning. There was a bit of […]

Last day of preschool

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of May! The end of May means the end of preschool for the year. Even though Caden will be going to the “extension program” for the next two weeks, today was his official last day with his regular class.

Look at how he’s changed!


Ready to fumigate

So Caden has been sick off and on since last Thursday. He seemed to recover okay on Friday. And he was acting normally all weekend. But I didn’t get to spend that much time watching him eat over the weekend since I was working. He often doesn’t eat all that well for dinner, depending on […]

Another sick kid

It’s Caden’s turn this time. He seemed perfectly fine to me this morning. Got up, came downstairs, ate breakfast, ran around crazy with Noah upstairs, watched TV while I showered (yes, I let the TV babysit my kids, so sue me!), just having a chill out morning. My mom called to say she’s home sick […]

There’s a reason they call it “Fat Tuesday”

Yesterday, I indulged. I overindulged. I did more than overindulge. I stuffed myself. This is the second of two cupcakes I bought at work yesterday. I ate the other one in the car on the way home. I live 8 minutes away from work.

We had dinner at church last night. It was a […]

Wanna see the new color of my bathroom?

Yeah, it’s that bluish color that’s streaked through my hair. Let’s just say that it wasn’t so smart of me to lean that close to the wall when it was still wet. Why was I leaning that close to the wall with the top of my head, you ask? That would be […]

Poor kid

Noah is home sick today. Just after Andy and I went to bed last night, we heard Noah calling for Andy. Andy went in to find Noah had thrown up in bed. We got him cleaned up, gave him some clean sheets, put a bowl next to his bed, and laid a blanket along the […]

Ode to 2009

We’ve had quite a year, a year so fine.

Let’s review what’s happened for the Hoffman’s in 2009!

The year started with visiting the art museum and Domes.

Noah lost his first tooth and the tooth fairy visited our home.

In February we drove to […]

Two more days

That’s all I have left for NaBloPoMo. Thank goodness! I’m losing steam very quickly! I’m lacking a bit in topic for tonight.

I could write about our slow Christmas decorating process.

I could write about Andy touching up practically every nick and scratch in our wood trim on the first floor this weekend (we have […]