December 2023

You Capture: Signs

I could have gotten all creative with this one. I could have taken shots of signs we see everywhere, shooting from different angles, processing with all different styles. I could have taken shots of “signs”, or things that are foreshadowing, but that would have been kind of deep.

Instead, I went with […]

Getting squirrely!

We have a white squirrel that hangs out in our yard pretty often. I kept talking about it like it was male. “Oh, he’s back!” “Look at how cool he is!”

Well, after what I observed, I think I should be talking about how cool she is! (All of these pictures were taken through my […]

You Capture: Vehicles

As the mother of two boys, you can be sure we have vehicles around here.

Space Shuttles:

A zamboni:

Lego vehicles, mostly Star Wars vehicles:

A giant bucket of cars/trucks/airplanes:

And Batman vehicles, which often surround the Joker-mobile: (I like the washed-out color, kind of like the old […]

The tooth fairy is going to be broke

Yup, Noah lost yet another tooth* tonight! That would be three teeth in eight days.

The tooth fairy may need to take out a loan.

*Turns out it was pushed out by the middle left tooth (you can see the new tooth in the picture if you look closely). He’s going to […]

Easter egg coloring fun

We did our annual Easter egg decorating tonight. Here are the pictures.


You Capture: Feet

Oh, I love feet!*** That may make me weird. I know feet gross out a lot of people. Not me! I spent the fall of 1997 taping ankles of sweaty Badger football players. That’s a lot of stinky feet!

But I really love my boys’ feet. They’re so cute! I had a […]

Tuesday Diptych::Book

After missing the diptych last week (I’m blaming the altitude while on my trip to Denver!), we’re back with our assignment for this week. It’s “book”. We’re “borrowing” ideas from Mental Inventory where she and a friend do “Team-Up Thursday”. We’re going to stay with Tuesdays for our posts, but you guys don’t really care […]

You Capture: Shapes

I didn’t want to go with anything too traditional when it came to shapes for Beth’s challenge this week. Of course, I waited until today to figure this out, so I was kind of limited in my options, seeing as I was volunteering at Noah’s school this morning, running Caden to the […]

Ready to fumigate

So Caden has been sick off and on since last Thursday. He seemed to recover okay on Friday. And he was acting normally all weekend. But I didn’t get to spend that much time watching him eat over the weekend since I was working. He often doesn’t eat all that well for dinner, depending on […]

Another sick kid

It’s Caden’s turn this time. He seemed perfectly fine to me this morning. Got up, came downstairs, ate breakfast, ran around crazy with Noah upstairs, watched TV while I showered (yes, I let the TV babysit my kids, so sue me!), just having a chill out morning. My mom called to say she’s home sick […]