March 2010

You Capture: Feet


Oh, I love feet!*** That may make me weird. I know feet gross out a lot of people. Not me! I spent the fall of 1997 taping ankles of sweaty Badger football players. That’s a lot of stinky feet!

But I really love my boys’ feet. They’re so cute! I had a good time capturing them for Beth’s blog fun this week. Oh! Speaking of Beth, she’s busy loving up her new baby boy, so Keli is lovingly hosting You Capture for a couple of weeks. Thanks Keli!

We made our way to the park for some baseball, and these are Noah’s fleet feet as he ran to first base.

When Caden was up to bat, I noticed his great stance.
Great stance

My pasty legs got their first glimpse of daylight today when I took to the streets for a run for the first time since before winter. It felt great!
Back outside!

The boys were sitting in the chair together as Caden played on the Leapster. I love how they were playing a little footsie.

Then I had the boys do some posing for me. It doesn’t always go that smoothly, but I like these shots.


Here are the family feet. I really need a pedicure!
Family feet

Finally, I have to include this shot of my cute new shoes. Got them on sale, with an additional coupon. They were supposed to come home with me!
UPDATE: Since I’m getting requests, I figure I should let you all know where I got my shoes. Boston Store. They’re Born Concept Leeza shoes.
85/365 New shoes

Go on over to Keli’s to see more feet. But if it gives you the willies, maybe you should wait until next week when the theme is COMFORT.

***DISCLAIMER: I’m SUPER neurotic about being barefoot in certain places. My own home-okay. Outdoors-okay. The beach-definitely. Dressing rooms-ugh. Locker rooms-UGH. Public bathrooms-DOUBLE UGH! I want to vomit thinking of Britney Spears barefoot in a gas station. But otherwise I don’t mind feet all that much.

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