January 2011

Project 52::Soothing Repetition

When running, there’s a time that you can zone out, focus on your breathing, listen to your feet hit the pavement, and get wrapped up in the cadence of your run.

If I could capture that moment, I would. Instead, I shot this image of Andy running on the treadmill. There’s a sort of comfort […]

You Capture::Happy

There is happy all over the place. My boys; my hubby; sun glinting off freshly fallen snow; a weekend spent with girlfriends, staying up late talking, eating way too much, watching random movies; Words With Friends… I could go on and on.

Today, I was extremely happy to be sitting at Starbucks, […]

Project 52::Shades of Gray

It seems we see a lot of gray around here during January. I find it a bit more acceptable when there’s snow on the ground. But I was happy to see the sun this afternoon. As we brace for wind chills as low as 25 below zero tonight, I’m glad I had the chance to […]

You Capture::Circles

My new-to-me (read: refurbished) Nikon D90 finally arrived last Saturday! I haven’t had a ton of chances to play with it yet. But during the limited amount of time we’ve spent together, it’s very clear that it’s a match made in heaven! I’m so loving having auto-focus on my 50mm 1.8! I keep forgetting it’s […]

Project 52: A new challenge

Since I just came off my Project 365 (which I wasn’t very good about including here), I’m a little short of creativity with my photography. I found some groups who are doing a Project 52-just one picture a week. Sounds doable! One group even gives a theme for each week! So here goes nothing…

This […]

You Capture: The Year’s Best

I bet you all thought I was gone! I bet you all thought I’d given up on this blogging thing! Nope! I’m still here. I just took a little hiatus. And what better way to rejoin the blogging world than by linking up to one of my favorite photo challenges.

Beth challenged […]