Last day of summer freedom

Noah starts kindergarten tomorrow. My heart is aching. It’s the end of an era! I can’t believe he’s old enough to go to kindergarten! But he’s totally ready. Completely ready. I’m not.

Today the boys got to play at three different parks with Grandma, then this afternoon we had some time to play outside before […]

Not much to say

I just got back from seeing “(500) Days of Summer” with some girlfriends and learned a few things:

1. I’m really glad Andy and I didn’t go see it last weekend-not really his type of movie.

2. I’m glad to not be dating anymore.

3. I really like Zooey Deschanel.

4. I know Joseph Gordon-Levitt […]

Bringing in some “sun”

I was just looking through some of my old pictures, and found this one. It’s a nice picture to look at because it reminds me that normally on August 29, we could be enjoying some warm, sunny weather.

Unfortunately, this August 29 brought us 64 degrees for a high, and an overcast sky with […]

Sunset at the park

After dinner today, we rode bikes to the park. The sun was setting, and it was a lovely evening.

You Capture: Food

When I saw the challenge for this week over at I Should Be Folding Laundry was “food”, I thought about this post. Then I thought it would be cheating. So I thought about it a little bit, and decided on…blueberries.

I have been eating blueberries this summer like they’re going out of style. I’ve been […]

Playing on the playground

This morning, Noah was ultra-brave at the dentist as he got his first filling. He got to breath “happy air” which smelled like chocolate-his choice. I didn’t get to see him while under the influence of his “happy air”, but I didn’t hear anything and he was smiling when the dental assistant called us back […]


Today is my 300th post! Yea me!

Anyway, today is a little more special than that. Today is my dear SIL’s birthday! Catheroo loves her birthday, as you can read here. And she deserves every second of fun and happiness on her big day!

About a year ago, my parents and I were able to […]

A lovely night for a walk

Andy and I convinced the boys to head out for a walk around the neighborhood tonight, and we really walked. I couldn’t believe the boys made it the whole way! The weather was perfect, and the sky was full of airplanes and jet trails, while also showcasing a warm sunset.

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At the movies

Andy and I just got back from seeing “Funny People“. It was hilarious! I don’t often laugh out loud at movies, but this one had me laughing a LOT! I’ve always liked Adam Sandler, and Seth Rogen is a new favorite of mine. If you can get past the crude language (there’s a lot in […]

Too tired

Yup, that’s me. Not that today was so taxing on me. On the contrary. It was quite nice.

I went shopping a bit in the morning, came home for some lunch, took a little snooze on the sofa, baked some break-apart cookies, then headed out with the family to my friend’s parents’ lake home. Despite […]