Playing on the playground

This morning, Noah was ultra-brave at the dentist as he got his first filling. He got to breath “happy air” which smelled like chocolate-his choice. I didn’t get to see him while under the influence of his “happy air”, but I didn’t hear anything and he was smiling when the dental assistant called us back (Andy came for moral support-for Noah or me, I’m not so sure!). He had no complaints, did not complain of any pain, but wondered if his mouth and tongue would feel funny “forever”. How cute! I told him it would be better by lunch time. It didn’t slow him down from enjoying some banana chocolate chip coffee cake from Starbucks!

We had dropped Caden off at Hillside with Andy’s mom, where she is trying to get the library ready for school to start next week. So we went back and met Caden and Grandma on the playground. It was a gorgeous sunny day, with a lovely breeze, so we had a good time there for a while.

Caden was playing on a part of the new climbing structure while I was the quicksand monster.

caden montage

And he climbed on the net part of the climbing structure, pretending to be Spider-Man.

caden net

The boys met a little boy there who found a toad. Kind of gross, but also sort of cute! Caden wasn’t a big fan, but Noah was brave enough to hold it.

noah toad

Tonight we’ll be off to Noah’s new school for an Open House. We’re looking forward to meeting his new teacher, checking out his classroom, and maybe meeting some of his new classmates. Six more days! Sniff, sniff!

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