October 2022

Memorial Day

Remembering those who have sacrificed for our freedom…

…with unending gratitude.

Last day of preschool

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of May! The end of May means the end of preschool for the year. Even though Caden will be going to the “extension program” for the next two weeks, today was his official last day with his regular class.

Look at how he’s changed!


It was a hot one!

The temperature was in the low 90’s again today, extremely unseasonably warm, and very humid. So we pulled out our sprinkler and Slip ‘N Slide! (Warning: LOTS of pictures ahead!)

At first, they weren’t so sure.


You Capture: Depth of Field

I really didn’t think I’d get this post up and ready. I’m up to my elbows in rummage sale stuff. We’ve been prepping for weeks, and finally the weekend is here and we’ve got wonderful weather! I’m purging a bunch of baby stuff, and it feels kind of good (even though I’m […]

A nice way to end the day

After work today (a day I thought would be short, where I’d be home by 12:00, but ended up being a long, full day), I was ready to come home and relax on the sofa, reading the paper, looking at catalogs from the mail, and finishing Thursday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New York” […]

You Capture: Yellow

I’m back this week, and I had some fun taking pictures of some yellow crayons.

I was surprised to find only four shades of yellow in our big box of crayons. I don’t know what I expected, but I guess I expected to find more than […]

Four months down!

I’ve made it through 1/3 of the year taking a photo every day! Most days are doable, but there have been a few where it’s been a bit of a challenge. Here’s to hoping it stays easy!

You Capture: Sweet

There was a fair amount of sweetness this past week.

A sweet toothless face (his fourth lost tooth in about 2 weeks!):

A sweet light fixture at the American Girl store at Mall of America:

The sweet boutique at American Girl:

Sweet silhouettes at the aquarium:

A sweet […]

The Tooth Fairy is officially broke!

She has to make a stop at my cousin’s house this time to deliver yet another stack of quarters for yet another tooth of Noah’s!

Noah’s tooth had been wiggly for a bit, but really got a lot more wiggly today when he bumped it with his knee (don’t ask me how he managed to […]

From Lying Down

It’s “Team-up Thursday” (or diptych) time again! The theme was “FROM LYING DOWN” and it was a fun challenge.

First, Catheroo’s shot:


And mine:

No, I didn’t set the cars up. That was all Caden’s doing.

We’re linked up over at Mental Inventory, so go check out more teams!