Not much to say

I just got back from seeing “(500) Days of Summer” with some girlfriends and learned a few things:

1. I’m really glad Andy and I didn’t go see it last weekend-not really his type of movie.

2. I’m glad to not be dating anymore.

3. I really like Zooey Deschanel.

4. I know Joseph Gordon-Levitt from something (just checked IMDB-3rd Rock from the Sun, Angels in the Outfield).

5. If you don’t like the movie, or you don’t really care about it, leave the theater. Don’t sit and giggle and gossip about other things. Leave. Don’t ruin the movie for others. Leave. Don’t distract others from a fairly pivotal point of the movie. LEAVE.

It was an enjoyable movie. Charming, as my girlfriend put it. And the glass of wine and company after the movie was extremely enjoyable.

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