Too tired

Yup, that’s me. Not that today was so taxing on me. On the contrary. It was quite nice.

I went shopping a bit in the morning, came home for some lunch, took a little snooze on the sofa, baked some break-apart cookies, then headed out with the family to my friend’s parents’ lake home. Despite it only being about 68 degrees outside, we had a really nice time. We drank vodka lemonades (probably why I’m a little sleep now!), played some euchre (a fantastic card game that Andy and I love but don’t get to play terribly often because the boys haven’t learned yet!), and ate some great food. Juicy burgers, delicious pasta salad, sweet watermelon, those cookies I made, and a couple of s’mores, and I’m stuffed! So I’m off to bed.

Good night!

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