March 2008

We’ll be up and running soon!

Last week, Andy was just starting to run on the treadmill (in our bedroom) when I heard this horrible squeaking sound with each step he took.  We use noise-reduction headphones while we’re on the treadmill, so he couldn’t hear it.  I stopped him so he could hear it.  Then he continued to run.

After he was done, he looked at the treadmill and saw that the frame was cracked.  To me, that means just a little crack, right?  No, part of the long part that we run on was broken off from the upright part.  He claimed we could still run, but I was skeptical.  I tried two days later, and realized that there was no way I could run in the morning without waking the boys up.  That is not an option.  That’s my time!  So the search was on for a new treadmill.

I was hopeful we’d find a nice replacement at Sears or Sports Authority.  Our broken treadmill was a Sears specialty, and it had been fine.  It actually ended up being more than fine since when we bought it, we had no idea we’d be running on it 5-6 times per week.  We bought it as a walking treadmill, so it wasn’t really made for our abuse.  I guess it had served its purpose, but we really were hoping to make it to the end of this year so we could ask for Christmas money to put toward a new treadmill.  Not so much.

We checked out Sports Authority, with no luck.  Then it was over to Sears, where the guy wasn’t terribly helpful (he didn’t look like he’d ever been on a treadmill) and when Noah started throwing a fit as we were leaving (always a good time), some crappy salesperson made a comment within earshot of Andy.  I really don’t know what I would have done if I had heard them.  (Probably nothing, but I can come up with plenty of ideas now.)  We don’t have any significant desire to patronize Sears anytime soon.

So our next option was one of the higher-end fitness equipment stores.  We ended up at 2nd Wind, where they claim to have used equipment.  Funny, I don’t remember seeing anything along those lines.  They directed us toward a very nice, brand-new model that would set us back a few pennies.  At least this salesperson looks like he uses a treadmill!

We ultimately decided that it made more sense to pay more now for a decent treadmill that should last us for a pretty long time, versus something that may get us through another few years then break.  And ironically enough, our tax return just came through.  Ugh!  We were hoping to put that money toward our new windows (which I still love!).

Oh well.  We’re just happy to get a working treadmill.  I’m not terribly interested in running outside in our crappy weather we’re still dealing with.  We’ll see how long it takes Andy to assemble it tonight!

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  • Lisa

    Totally understand. We also purchased our treadmill from 2nd wind and it was not a used treadmill either, but it’s been up and running for nearly 2 1/2 years now and we’ve only had one very minor repair. Good luck!

    We miss you guys.