June 2008

Prayers for Elijah

My dear friend, Liz (“my friend from church”), has suddenly found herself in a place no parent ever wishes to be. Physically, she’s spending the weekend at Children’s Hospital Boston. Emotionally, she’s terrified over the new diagnosis of a brain tumor in her 3 1/2-month-old son, Elijah.

The other day, she noticed Elijah’s head seemed to be quite a bit larger than she remembered. She measured it, and it was 6 cm bigger than it was 2 months ago. That’s a pretty big jump. They got into their pediatrician the next day, who recommended an ultrasound. The ultrasound was done yesterday, which showed the tumor, located in the choroid plexus, which was blocking the cerebrospinal fluid, causing hydrocephalus, which manifests as an enlarged head. An MRI was done to look closer at the tumor. The decision was made for Elijah to have surgery on Tuesday to remove the tumor.

It sounds like Elijah has some of the best doctors/nurses/medical personnel working with him. I know that Liz has some of the best friends/family/neighbors willing to do anything to help. I’m one of those friends, but considering I live about 1000 miles away, there’s not much I can physically do to help. But I can pray, and I can hope for the best, and I can reach out with my compassion and caring to do my part to help their family through this time.

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  • Lisa

    I will definitely say some prayers for little Elijah and his family. This must be so scary for all of them to go through.

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