June 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

The day started out with a beautiful sunny sky, and plenty warm. We had breakfast at the Pancake House (a favorite), then went to the Brookfield Farmer’s Market, then back over to my parents’ house to play with my mom’s new Wii. Do any of you have a 60+-year-old mother who really wants a Wii?

My mom and I headed out to get pedicures at 4:00 this afternoon. Bad weather was threatening, but it wasn’t going to stop us from our pampering! While we were there, a very nasty storm blew through, including tornado watches/warnings, so we stayed there for a bit longer than necessary. We drove home in some very heavy rain and in much cooler temperatures. We were determined to have burgers on the grill, so Andy, my dear, wonderful hubby, braved the rain for a bit trying to get the grill going.
We eventually aborted the plan, and made the burgers on the stove.

After a yummy dinner, we had my mom’s favorite cake-chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. My kids usually don’t like a lot of frosting, Noah especially, but they always like this cake. It was pretty tasty! (I made it from scratch-not that I’m bragging or anything!)
caden cake1 noah cake1

It was a really nice day, despite the weather. I just can’t wait to get back to my parents’ house to play more Wii! Love you, Mom!!!

nana and boys nana caden
nana noah sarah mom

p.s. Happy Birthday, Pat!

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