December 2022

It’s friggin’ cold!

Here are pics from the TV today showing our temps, our windchill, and our forecast. BRRRRRRRRRRRR!

The temp this morning. Forecast for Friday morning. Wind chill forecast for Friday morning. The temp this evening.

I just saw on the news how some people in Chicago were throwing boiling water into the air and it […]

Happy 3rd Birthday, Caden!!!

I’m in amazement today. Caden, my “baby”, you are 3 years old! I swear I only blinked after you were born! This past year has been so fun watching you change and grow. And you have really developed quite a personality!

You are a bit more “challenging” than Noah was at this age! You are […]

Noah at 5 years old

Noah had his 5-year check-up yesterday. I always like to see how he’s doing on the growth chart. He is 44.5 inches tall, which is the 81st percentile. He’s 43.6 pounds, which is the 70th percentile. They also calculate his BMI which is 52%. I was pretty shocked and concerned when I saw that number, […]

WI State Fair

Today we headed to the Wisconsin State Fair. It’s a bit of a sensory overload: food vendors, midway (aka carnival) rides, annoying carnies offering to guess your weight (there’s NO way I’m getting on a giant scale in the middle of the fairgrounds!), and tons of people. And it was pretty hot. But there’s plenty […]

Overheard this morning…

Noah: Why won’t you snuggle with me? Best friends always snuggle!

Caden: No thanks.


Saj: Noah, what’s up with your nose this morning?

Noah: I’m a little snuffy.


Caden: I’m Caden. And my big brother is Noah. I love Noah!


What a week!

Yes, I’m still not writing much, but I really want to! Seriously! Life is just a little busy right now. Well, with my 2 boys, it’s always busy. But it’s been a bit crazier than usual.

Wednesday night, we spent 4 hours-yes, 4 hours-with a guy from Champion Windows to listen to his shpiel and […]

I’m still here…

…just lazy. I have all of these ambitions to put together a bunch of pictures from the holidays so you all can enjoy. But I’m just feeling blah. I hate winter after the holidays. It’s just cold. Sure, the sun is shining today and we’ve got some bright white snow on the ground, but it’s […]

Here it is…

 …now what?

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Today is my day, all mine! I firmly believe that one’s birthday is their chance to be completely, utterly selfish. That day is today for me!

But I have to work. I haven’t worked on my birthday for several years, if ever! I’m sure there are many of you out there rolling your eyes, playing […]

Just to save a couple of bucks

My boys have never had their hair cut professionally. I used to cut Noah’s hair in a little bowl cut (no, I didn’t use an actual bowl!), until we realized how sweaty he gets and Andy convinced me to buzz his hair. So now Andy does the buzzing for Noah.


I […]