October 2022


It’s a snow day around here. The boys are home from school. Andy’s home from work. And I’m waiting for my street to get plowed out so I can try to get to work. Because, you know, physical therapists are crucial for the patients at the hospital. That sentence is dripping with sarcasm.

Anyway, while Andy got out to use the snowblower on the driveway, I grabbed my camera to start documenting this crazy weather.



That's a lot of snow

It's tough to get to the door

Down the street

Up the street




Giving it a shot

I hope to be back later with more pictures.

Project 52::Soothing Repetition

When running, there’s a time that you can zone out, focus on your breathing, listen to your feet hit the pavement, and get wrapped up in the cadence of your run.

If I could capture that moment, I would. Instead, I shot this image of Andy running on the treadmill. There’s a sort of comfort I get when I hear the rhythm of his feet on the treadmill as I hunker down for the evening. Besides, it’s really hard to get a good shot of your own feet running!

One foot in front of the other

You Capture::Happy


There is happy all over the place. My boys; my hubby; sun glinting off freshly fallen snow; a weekend spent with girlfriends, staying up late talking, eating way too much, watching random movies; Words With Friends… I could go on and on.

Today, I was extremely happy to be sitting at Starbucks, drinking a latte, eating banana chocolate chip coffee cake, reading my book, as it snowed outside.


Project 52::Shades of Gray

It seems we see a lot of gray around here during January. I find it a bit more acceptable when there’s snow on the ground. But I was happy to see the sun this afternoon. As we brace for wind chills as low as 25 below zero tonight, I’m glad I had the chance to capture some gray this morning.

Gray field

Power lines

You Capture::Circles

My new-to-me (read: refurbished) Nikon D90 finally arrived last Saturday! I haven’t had a ton of chances to play with it yet. But during the limited amount of time we’ve spent together, it’s very clear that it’s a match made in heaven! I’m so loving having auto-focus on my 50mm 1.8! I keep forgetting it’s there, and I start to reach to focus, then remember, and fall in love all over again! Where have you been all my life, D90?


Anyway, Beth’s challenge to us was to find circles. I found some Christmas ornaments that may or may not have been laying in the front hall waiting for me to take them down to the basement.


Then at dinner, Noah noticed the moon, and we discovered it was a full moon tonight. It’s one of our few nights lately without any clouds.

Full moon

And finally, our popcorn tubs. I found out at work today that it’s National Popcorn Day! The kitchen was sending bags of popcorn along on patients’ trays today. So I decided it should be added to our dinner plans tonight. We had chili and popcorn. YUM!

Popcorn tubs
(I felt like the retro Mickey pictures called for some retro processing.)

I’m hoping the new camera will help me get back into my groove of taking pictures again. I’ve realized I have very few pictures of the boys this month, which will be problematic come December when I want to make our annual calendar and have no pictures for the month of January!

Project 52: A new challenge

Since I just came off my Project 365 (which I wasn’t very good about including here), I’m a little short of creativity with my photography. I found some groups who are doing a Project 52-just one picture a week. Sounds doable! One group even gives a theme for each week! So here goes nothing…

This week’s theme was “Something around the house”. Seeing as the boys are all Legos, all the time around here, we usually have Legos around the house. Caden is especially enamored by the “guys”. Here are some of our Star Wars Lego guys.

1/52 Lego guys

I also have Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry to help with theme ideas too, so I may be posting here more than once a week again! Let’s see how this goes!

Oh, and I have a new-to-me camera (squee!) headed my way, so that will probably bump up my excitement!

You Capture: The Year’s Best


I bet you all thought I was gone! I bet you all thought I’d given up on this blogging thing! Nope! I’m still here. I just took a little hiatus. And what better way to rejoin the blogging world than by linking up to one of my favorite photo challenges.

Beth challenged us to pick our ten best shots from 2010. Not an easy feat, especially since I participated in, AND COMPLETED, a Project 365! Admittedly, some of these shots did not make it into my Project 365. But I love them just the same.


106/365 Jellyfish

Muddy Noah

Blowing out the candles

Bird watching

208/365 Family shadow

Boys at the Terrace


260/365 Roses and sun flare

apple picking (14 of 39)

356/365 Tights and buckle shoes

I know, I know. This is 11 shots. YOU try to choose 10 great shots from 365+!

Beth has some amazing shots over at her blog, and I’m sure you’ll find many others to check out.

I’ll do my best to keep up with our lives around here. I have a lot of posts I’d still like to add here from last year. We’ll see how it goes!

You Capture: Orange


This is the best time of year to have this theme for our weekly challenge! I’m sure that’s what Beth was thinking!

Leaves and rocks

Fall leaves

(This one was taken last week Sunday, before Beth gave us this challenge, but I had to include it!)
283/365 Lake sunset

291/365 Pumpkin cupcakes

292/365 Boo

I’m sure there will be a good amount of fall-themed items to be found over at Beth’s, but there are some pretty creative people out there that will surprise us!

I Heart Faces: In the Orchard

Since we love our apple picking trips so much, I thought this would be an appropriate challenge to enter. It was tough to choose one out of all of our fun shots, but I just love watching Noah try to eat apples with less teeth than the average person!

Noah chomp

Check out other entries at I Heart Faces!

You Capture: Faces

Wow! It’s a little dusty around here! I’ll brush off this site and try to keep up a bit more with what’s been going on in our lives.


It’s easy to start with this week’s You Capture assignment which is “Faces.” Considering I take a ton of pictures of faces around here, I thought I could have a decent contribution!

First of all, I took part in an amazing photography workshop this past weekend, hosted by the fabulous Miz Booshay, who can be “seen” giving awesome photography tutorials on “The Pioneer Woman”. She really taught us some great tips and tricks. Of course, having some beautiful models helped as well!

workshop workshop-2

workshop-3 275/365 Awesome models

And then I got to come home to these faces!
leaf fun (14 of 17) 273/365 My boys

fall boys (1 of 5) fall boys (4 of 5)

278/365 Badger boys

Head over to Beth’s to see more captures of faces.